Saturday, July 4, 2009
I'll be honest ...

Among friends it implies that someone is trying to be serious but in the Customer Service world the phrase "I be honest" impliess that everything else you have said may have been less than honest.

This leads me to what I wanted to write about:

:: Managing Foreground and Background processes ::
Now I am going for Ubuntu Certification and I can hope for some feedback after this. If the environment your working in today still uses terminal exclusive interfaces really get to know the admin. Buy him a beer, coffee, get him or her laid, whatever you have to do because that person is more than likely on top of their game. That being said, I feel more comfortable still in a windowed shell still, a GUI if you will.

I realize that back when X was not an option and everything was a terminal line interface that moving processes/tasks into the background was (ah heck, and still is) MEGA cool and a serious advancement in shell terminals. I am writing this blog from a tabbed browser at my work and I remember when Netscape Navigator 4.7 was NEW HOT STUFF!!! I make jokes with my co-workers about the day I got to say, "My dad just got a 28.8 baud modem! OMG I have never seen anything so fast!" I guess I realize why the advancements are cool and understand if you don't study the past you are doomed to repeat it. However, I like my Graphic User Interface and using terminal when I need to do system tasks. I am working on a deeper understanding and I believe when I practice terminal rote long enough perhaps I will appreciate terminal more than I do. I believe when I can get my schedule changed around to hook up with Lisa Kachold's Hackfest I will have more practical applications of terminal in using it to do tasks rather than rote learning.

Still knowing to throw and " & " at the end of a command to make it execute in the background is useful. Knowing that I can see what processes/tasks are running with the "jobs" command is very useful. Further knowledge of being able to bring forward the command I want utilizing " $ fg %1 (or whatever number process you want that is in the back ground) " is freaking fantastic! However, I don't myself likely to mess with another dumb terminal anytime soon, and if I did I can probably make a a null modem cable allow me to use a laptop of some kind with a GUI.

just my rant, view point, 2 cents, what have you.




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