Wednesday, June 3, 2009
/etc/profile = Sets up user environment information of every user on the system.

/etc/bashrc = This file executes for every user that runs the BASH shell, each and every time it's opened. Remember though that the values in this file can be over-ridden by each user's ~/.bashrc file.

~ /.bashrc_profile = User specific information on how they choose to use their shell prompt. By default it grabs its environment variables from the user's ~/.bashrc file.

~/.bashrc = Contains the information that is specific to YOUR own bash shells. This file is the best location to add enviroment profiles. Many of the other config files check this or are over-ridden by the values in this file.

~ /.bashrc_logout = Excutes upon a user logging out of BASH, and by default just clears your screen.

The first two files will require sudo (Ubuntu Linux Distro's) or root (Fedora Linux Distro's) permissions to modify. The other files each have a copy in every user's $HOME directory, so they (users) can modify it at their liesure.




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