Saturday, June 6, 2009
Now I am running Fedora 10, on the first HDD and Ubuntu 9.04 on the second HDD so my default BASH prompt has the following parameters:

"Username, Hostname, and the name of the PWD or present working directory" surrounded in brackets.
ex.: [tech-slave@slave ~]$

FYI Note " ~ " is shown to represent your home directory (i.e. ~ = /home/yourusername)

so.. $ cd /bin
[tech-slave@slave bin]$

There are some temporary options that will alter how your prompt appears.

Three examples \t (time) \d (date) \w (displays full path of the PWD)

So to execute the tempory change you would type:
$ export PS1="[\t \d \w]\$ "

Giving you [20:43:33 Sat Jun 06 /bin]$

Now to permanently alter these setting for the prompt then make the changes in your ~/.bashrc file for them to last after you close your current shell. Now in other files you might change a setting but with this one you can just add the line at the end of the file and save the change.



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