Saturday, November 20, 2010
I have decided to start a company, AZ-RUNE Computing: "Leave the mystery to us." We have our first client and I have learned a great deal about project management, but more about communication.

I know in earlier posts I have gone on about the duplicity of phrases we use given the context they are used in but I have learned the value of repetition in making sure you and another party have got a clear understanding of an idea. More so that your idea and theirs is on the same page so the vision of the finish is shared by all. It has been most enlightening and I have been blessed with a fantastic team that I am learning from them I think as much as I share.

On a side note I think at my current job at P.M.N. I do appreciate the work the V.P. of Network Ops does a great deal more. I am trying to be a better employee from this experience because of a concept the S.C.A. taught me.

"Almost all good knights were squires first."


"You have to learn how to serve before you have the right and wisdom to lead."




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