Monday, November 1, 2010

Ok, I am trying to get in shape to fight in the Estrella War this coming February so I remember a friend and this old security training video say "...train as you fight..."

However, what does a tech geek do to train for a medieval sport such as the Society of Creative Anachronism?

Wearing Armour on the Elliptical Machine!!!

So to my brothers and sisters in House Inverted I am working on getting in shape so running on the field won't cause me to question whether or not I am an asthmatic! Ha!

Take care,
Lord Iosif Volchkov of House Inverted


andrewjameslowry said...

I am impressed. An SCA fighter exercising to become a better fighter. You sir are a rare man. Most SCA fighters do no other conditioning. Way to go and best wishes for keeping at it.

I have found that interval cardio works great for SCA fighting as it reflects the on and off nature of our fighting. We don't run for 20 minutes, we sprint. I find shuttle sprints with changes in direction and hand touches at the end also work the angles of the body which is also good for SCA fighting. Also more and more research is finding that interval cardio gets faster results in terms of fat loss and conditioning improvements.

Lastly get stronger and lighter so that you can better carry the armour and it will not fatigue you. At 51 in armour I have held my own in sprints with 18 year olds at Pennsic due to weight training and losing weight.

All the best.


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