Friday, December 31, 2010

Just so we are clear: Applying your own trim sucks! It does look good but the process sucks!

When you use trim in the future for the brass trim effect use the 3-5oz. deerskin for a thicker trim, over the next year I will get some and change out what I am using, however, this will do for now. I will need to dye the straps but that will be when I get home.

Now I am not wearing the chainmail hauberk that would go under the breast plate, nor the cup, knee pads, or gorget. This was done to get a picture but rest assured I have all these items and will bring them to bear during war practice this coming Sunday. Now on to the treadmill to learn how this wears on me over the course of a mile.


Lord Iosif Volchkov, Squire to his excellency Viscount Sir Jerry the Inverter of Kilkenny
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