Thursday, April 7, 2011
Persian inspired plated-mail or Yushman in Russian armour.
Well I have had two injuries now which have taken about 10 days each to heal.  Both were muscle cramps brought on by getting hit in the same spot multiple times, and the other (neck to right shoulder blade) I can only attribute to lack of stretching.  I began looking into ways to fix my rig to minimize the upper leg injuries without wearing heavier legs. There were not many styles that had options built in with thigh protection in mind that would also work for S.C.A. combat styles.  I found a style that would work and I was inspired from a piece I saw on Armour Archive.  The piece is here, but is more Persian than Russian in design.

Russian styled Yushman armour.
Then there were some pictures I came across of other period re-enactment groups in Eastern Europe and they have inspired me further with examples of plated mail. Now in these examples are solid plates and the Persian flavored one above has lamellar over lapping plates.  Both examples have holes in the metal where rings go through, however, I lack a drill press to want to replicate it down to the exact shape and detail.

So I have tried my own version of this armor and I am ready to display my progress so far. The right hip and some adjustments for the straps of mail are all that is left to work on. Hoping I have enough rings to make this happen.  More to come when I am finished.

Slava Atenveldta,

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