Sunday, June 26, 2011
Well, John of Windrose Armoury said when sat in on circles of Chivalry, that they ask how potential knights support the other order of the peerage: Laurels and Pelicans.

I have donated my time at events before and I LOVE doing demo's whenever I can. The S.C.A. doesn't grow on trees you know!! :-P

Today, however, I entered my first A&S (Arts and Sciences) competition. I entered into the Baronial A&S Champion for the Barony of Sun Dragon (West Metro Valley) and while I did not win champion I did win for the categories of food and jewelry.  Wow, food that was my first attempt at making butter with shaking the creme, grinding the mint, and then adding honey as I mixed it together and froze it.

I was also given the award of the Honor of Sun Dragon (1st level - Red Ribbon / service award; think Pelican) and the Order of the Dragon's Scale of Sun Dragon (1st level - Red Jewel / A&S award; think Laurel).  Now I am working on some aluminum shoulder plates to display them from the left side.  The more important issue is that I have taken another step into a much larger world.

Then at closing court yesterday I was also awarded for winning the Sun Dragon Art Botega and gifted with a box that I shall mount hinges and a latch to so it may hold links for me.

Till next time.

Slava Atenveldta,

Lord Iosif Volkov, Squire to his excellency Viscount Sir Jerry the Inverter of Kilkenny
House Inverted
Baronial Guard of Sun Dragon
Kingdom of Atenveldt



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