Thursday, September 22, 2011
I want to be a knight.


How do I do that?

Well, that's the funny thing is there is not one set path and the road becomes different for each person but one path seems more traveled than others.

Okay, what is that well traveled road?

You could become a squire, an apprentice or protege if you will, to a bonafide knight.

How do I do that?

Well you have to ask one of them and hope they say yes. They will most likely give you some tasks to see what you are made of and whether they can train you. Then they tend to let you know if you pass and or fail the challenge to serve them.

So this is a job?

Well what did you think it was a checklist? A gathering of points until you become a level 2 human? This is no game however, thinking about it like a challenge you WILL overcome tends to help.

So it's not a job but a challenge?

No, its not any one thing. So it's not just a job, but also a challenge, a path, a lifestyle, a career, a calling, and so much more.

Then how do you become all those things at once?

Choose to be them and live them each day.

I make a choice and poof I am a knight?

Yes and no.

Wait you can't have it both ways how is it yes and no.

To quote a movie: "You find a great many truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view." Now while you make a choice to be a knight how can you choose to be one when you don't know what it is you are choosing to be? Now the "Squire" makes a lot more sense to have a guide along the path. Someone to help you discover what being a knight means.

Well yes when you put it that way.

 There are some basic tenants you must follow, but if you follow the rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you then you're well on your way and didn't even know it.

Alright so if I treat someone nicely it is because this is how I wish to be treated, right?

Correct, but what if they treat you rudely, they are saying they wish to be treated thus?

Wait, if they are rude and I am nice might they be nice as well.

Perhaps, but if no one is there to show them the way then they may stay rude forever.

Oh I am choosing to be the example, right?

Correct, but this is still just the beginning of the journey and you have yet to face a trial when no one else is there to watch you, do you do the right thing or the easy thing.

Ok I need to find a guide, a knight.

And when you loose your guide and you know the journey is not over, what of the bond between knight and squire?

I am not sure try to carry on in their name, their ideal, I guess.

When you find yourself asking questions and you have no to answer them what then?

Do I find another knight or muck around in the dark?

Only you can answer that, and it may be the hardest question over doing what's right or what's easy.  Welcome to your first trial.

 To this day I keep asking the question and I am not sure about my choice...



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