Sunday, January 9, 2011

Slava Atenveldta! This is the simple phrase I feel after this event, Glory to Atenveldt.

By 0747Hrs Andrea and I were on the road
to the Barony of Tir Ysgithr in the mundane lands of Tucson, AZ. It had been a week since I was in armour at the last war practice. I was not set up for going to the Wednesday practice due to distance and work keeping me late. Right now when all the effort of Estrella War is over for this year we will be going to Barony of Sun Dragon practice each week and Barony of Atenveldt every other week due to work schedules.

Again thanks to Google Maps app for the Android phone finding the site was cake! Then I noticed on the map a Starbucks and Andrea pleaded for the morning wake up call of corporate mundania!!! Huzza...I mean yes honey we can get Starbucks, LOL! When we showed up this was her second event ever and first in loner garb (I made her a Russian felt hat from designs I got from Lady Isabelle), sans the hat. She was nervous but then I pointed out another lady in what appeared to be a Mongolian outfit. She relaxed and the acquisition of morning fuel commenced.

With latte and frappuccino in hand we made it to Himmel Park and as we began our first haul I spied an "Inverted House Shield" being carried and just opted to follow my housemate to where we had gathered. There were housemates I have not seen in years and particularly my childhood friend Eric Hasbach. We caught up on old times and what's happened since we last spoke and I introduced Andrea once more to everyone.

I then headed over to the list mistress and signed in and filled ou
t the form for the fighter authorization card. The unloading of the car continued and then I hit the opening court and tried to listen to anything from the what was effectively the "nose bleed" section, lol! Check out my facebook page for pictures from that.

I tried some new elbow pads but they would not allow my arms to strap down.

So re-fitting this issue cause me to missed the first engagement, but with the addition of a new sweat rag on the head I was ready to hit the field with my great axe. The new padding built into the knee cop works great and I scored 4 kills with the great axe. My endurance is improving and I took breaks this time when everyone else "popped" their hats for water and such. I performed much better this time even though. Throughout the day I changed weapons two more times mid day to a great mace/maul and then 9ft fiberglass spear.

Now for the list:

1. Ok I need to fix the buckle on my upper chest strap.

2. Right leg strap and buckle need adjustment but should hold for war.

3. No more sword and board until I get leather bazubaunds with aluminum splints.

4. After Estrella War get fingered gauntlets as soon as possible.

Well the day ended with an Inverted House BBQ at the Lyons house, which was AWESOME! Then we had to make the drive home so I could go to work at 12AM. Sorry no pics of this the camera was dead by then.


Slava Atenveldta!

Lord Iosif Volchkov, Squire to his excellency Viscount Sir Jerry the Inverter of Kilkenny
House Inverted


Andrea said...

This was so much fun. I'm glad I'm starting to get into, the swing of things


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