Sunday, January 23, 2011
Oh my god, where do I begin!

This has been the best of the practices and one of the most memorable trips I have had in a while. Andrea and I left at
7:30AM for the Shire of Granite Mountain in hopes we could be there by 9:00AM. We set all of our alarms for 5:00AM in hopes that we would wake by 6:00AM, LOL!

Well off we headed off and pulled up the event on facebook and then used the navigator app on our android phone to get directions. Bows to T-Mobile and his myTouch 3G slide, hahaha!!!

On the way up the scenic views were so beautiful I told Andrea we needed photos of our trips going to and from in the future but the very first picture she scored with the camera was after we found our way there.

Upon arriving at the site we parked and went to sign in and when we got there one of the heralds
mistook Andrea height and said, "One adult, one child." Now I did smirk because she is short and I can see how they made the mistake. Braids in the hair we both agreed later probably did not help. Andrea said rather matter of factly, "Umm, I'm 30." Then I saw a sight rarely seen in the S.C.A., the herald's jaw dropped in shock! One of her associates said to her playfully, "Don't you have somewhere to be?" Truth be told it was one of the funnier moments I have had after returning to the S.C.A. at the beginning of the year. Andrea has had so much fun and I get to re-live being a newcomer through her experiences.

Then I hiked my way to the bathrooms because wouldn't you know it, put your cup on and instantly you have to pee, geesh! Now regardless of the walk, the line, and what not these were indoor bathrooms and warm! There is nothing more awakening to a person than you somewhat cold bum hitting freezing metal or plastic toilet seat at 3am! AHHHHHHHH!!!! You know I am right if you have had this happen to you. My thanks to the heralds for securing such privy locations.

Well I finally got dress in my "Sunday Dress" armour which means I added mail to the outfit and here is the picture. To which I got several compliments on the rig's appearance. Now enjoy the shot because after the fights that day there will be modifications to the armor after a floating knee floated to low, dragging my thigh with it, yipe! Andrea (her SCA name is Ulianna) found out that the Queen of Atenveldt, Amirah, Aten Regina, shares her gluten allergy when I came across it on the Atenveldt website. So she made a gluten free version of a food recipe called "Fighter Biscuits" she found on a site talking about Pennsic War. To help bring her out of her shell and get to know people I got her to make extra for the queen and we got her some glueten free cider as well. Sadly we have no pictures of this but way to go for the Atenveldt virtual herald!!! For this person recorded the event it was awesome!

Please go " here " to see ALL of her photos I upload and I will paste a few more in here as room allows me for the post. Then I saw the coolest thing ever! I got to see the creation of a Barony, but really I saw the realization of a decade long dream become realized.

The Shire of Granite Mountain had been acting the part of a Barony for some time but were being formally recognized now for their efforts. Above is a link to my facebook album for all the details but this is some of the cooler shots I think matter for the post.
Now both the founding Baron and Baroness get to retain the title of Baron and Baroness of Granite Mountain for all time, which is just a cool milestone in the lifestyle for someone to earn by sweat and sacrifice.

I am so happy his excellency, Brian the Pious of Granite Mountain, was very cordial on the field and when I asked to see his bazubands (vambraces / arm armour) up close. Okay, so I got some compliments on my fighting which only means I have stopped sucking horribly since returning to fighting. In one on one I would still get "owned" fight with that heavy basket hilt blade and shield. Even Andrea said I was wailing on a few guys. I only brought my pole axe and 9-ft spear with me because my right wrist still gives me horrible pain the following day if I use a heavy one handed weapon in it.

HRM Phelan reminded us not to break ourselves on the field that day but that happened about two fights before the 20 minute resurrection battle at the end of the afternoon (2:40pm to 3pm). It only makes sense when I mention a small birth defect which means I developed with the left half of my body being a half inch shorter than the right half. On most clothing you can't tell unless you ask me to stand straight and my right leg is bent at the knee. Well when the armour was made with my leg measurements on the left shorter leg.
Well I got a shot in the right upper knee sliding it down so the edge of the floating cop was over my knee cap. Then came the second shot and BLAM!!!! I got popped but good. The picture here is me resting and then getting up to go and try to do the last rez battle.

Well I told my housemate that I was done and I headed over to strip down. Boy was I happy when HRM said no closing court my knee was popped and swelling. I was going to make damn sure that injury could not happen again!

Now at this point we might have been leaving the event but the map of Atenveldt had been forever changed into the one below.

From here we headed to the Best Western Prescottonian and had a lovely room set up by a future mother in law. The ride was gorgeous and the town square was a sight to behold. I am told it was used in the filming of Back to the Future's town square, but I have not verified that.

From here we headed the feast and it was awesome! Andrea did get a picture of some of the food
and me helping with the dishes. My knight said the highest form of leadership is service and every knight should be willing to help serve. I decided to do that when I could help with the most menial of tasks, washing dishes so the cooks didn't have to. There is something to be said for honest labor and a task well done. I felt great!

What a weekend!

Slava Atenveldta,

Lord Iosif Volchkov, Squire to his excellency Viscount Sir Jerry the Inverter of Kilkenny
House Inverted
Barony of Atenveldt
Kingdom of Atenveldt



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